Avalon Mermaids

Where adventure in the sea is waiting for you.

Re-wild, Revitalise, Purify, Harmonise, Nourish, De-stress, Relax & Discover yourself again in the sea.

Returning to a healthier natural lifestyle.



Wild Water Swimming

Wisdom, guidance and experience can be shared with you. If you have never swam in the sea or you feel you do not have the confidence you can be rest assured that you will be okay.

Laughter, stories and experiences are shared on the journey to the sea and back.

There will be raw food picnics in the better weather, yoga, Qigong, Gong baths, holidays and much more.

The world is your oyster. Join Avalon Mermaids on Telegram where all the up to date action and adventures are shared. You will also find inspiration on returning to healthier lifestyle Ebooks and recipes

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Deposit for Avalon Mermaids Trips to the Sea

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes 1-1 Sessions

Susan can help you tune into what it is you need to change your lifestyle with added tools such as Iridology, nutritional healing and naturopathic techniques.

There are 2 Ebooks available The 30 Day Raw Challenge and Love Your Liver Feel Alive.

Avalon Mermaids

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