Susan’s journey of healing involved many avenues of recalibration and the most enjoyable, was the discovery and the power of swimming in the sea. It was like body electrical power buttons were switched on, in particular the feeling of becoming more robust with the cold.


It is like every cell in the body is activated.

My early life experience of wild water

My relationship with the water has been a long one since I recall the book and story called The Water Babies.

I became a water babe and took to the African wild crystal clear rivers with a white sandy bed. These waters were bursting with an array of numerous colourful living creatures.
I was fortunate to escape into the fresh water many a time as living in the tropical heat was enough to send anyone running to catch a splash.


Myself and other kids got to use old tractor tyres and take merry rides along with the river currents, without a care in the world, all with a child’s innocent adventurous joyous spirit – which I can honestly say, the sea has brought back to me, because every time I bob my head under the sea water a memory returns of my water babe childhood.

I have gratitude every time I return to the water. Scuba diving , water skiing, snorkelling, giving surfing a go and body boarding, in fact anything to do with the water.

Launching Avalon Mermaids is my wildest dream come true. I get to combine my love for outdoors and nature, and adventure. Plus I get to share all this joy with many others. đź’™

I help people to tune into the earths natural circadian rhythms and pulses within. And inspire others who have an urge to explore the benefits of the sea. Some people have noticed their confidence has returned after stressful times.

You are nature and you are connected to nature and the hologram of the universe.

It is also well known that Hydrotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for recalibrating the body and mind. The benefits of swimming in the sea and outdoor water is infinite.

Susan Laing M.Ir N.H.F.Dip D. Pod. M

initially trained as a Podiatrist, before coming to study the natural lifestyle. This change of direction began when there was much needed self-exploration and inquiry, due to her own health imbalances. Susan studied with 3 different iridology colleges, and laterally with one of the top leading iridologists in the world. She is also trained in naturopathy, nutritional healing, cell rejuvenation and Ashtanga yoga.

Susan is the author of Love Your Liver, Feel Alive and
The 30 Day Raw Challenge ebooks, which are available on this website.

Susan offers 1-1 empowering you sessions, for healthy lifestyle changes, whilst she gets you to tap into your own intuition. The session can include iridology, body reading, nutritional support, advice and guidance on naturopathic techniques such as cleansing the bowel and liver and gallbladder, and recommended flower essences. See more in shop.

Susan is also available for offering talks on returning to a healthier lifestyle. Please contact via the phone number shown at the bottom of the page.

Susan used to run cleansing retreats in the Algarve and may return to running these again in the future.

People have said that cleansing your inner pipes is like adding a real life insurance.