Love Your Liver, Feel Alive ebook is written with the intent to inspire, empower and educate people who may be suffering from poor health.

The non-alcoholic fatty liver has become an epidemic in today’s world. The increase has gone from 0 – 30% in just 30 years. Non- alcoholic liver disease is a recent disease. Most diseases, such as inflammatory bowel problems, even simple constipation, obesity, heart problems, asthma, depression, high cholesterol, liver cirrhosis, secondary diabetes, anxiety, hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, candida and so on, all benefit from cleansing the kidneys, colon, and gallbladder and liver.

If you have been looking for some answers to your health this book could be part of the solution to your health imbalances. The liver is considered to be the seat of the spirit in some parts of the world. If you have eaten too much processed food, and too much commercialised animal produce you are more than likely to be suffering from a congested liver and gallbladder. Cleaning out those internal pipes has been proven again and again to assist with your health.

This eBook will guide you through the processes of cleaning out the kidneys, colon, liver, and gallbladder, whilst you indulge in some simple easy to digest, plant based, mucus free raw food recipes. Each recipe is bursting with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, enzymes, and vital force. It also contains easy to understand diagrams and beautiful illustrations making information easier to digest.

Eating organic plant based, mucus-free raw food will help to clean out those internal pipes and allow cleansing to take place around all cells. This depth of internal cleansing is like an internal and external Feng Shui. Neurotransmitter pathways become restored and reprogrammed and the cells become nourished with vitality once again. The immune system becomes optimised and detoxification occurs on a physiological, emotional and on a spiritual level.



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