Join us for a splash

Swimming in the sea is a powerful and life changing experience

Have you ever swam in the open wild free flowing water before, and experienced a thrill of joy circulating in every cell of the body? Many wild water swimmers often share this same experience of exhilaration.

It has been known for a long time that cold water hydrotherapy has powerful benefits for the human being. Swimming in the sea seems to be about accessing a lost wildness within in the human race. Could this be partly caused by dependence on central heating, excessive comforts, less emergence with nature, and lack of pushing our inherent outdoor capabilities?

Human beings are made up of over 70% water and we are born into a sac of amniotic fluid. Wild water is living and moving, and creates a flow of negative ions. These negative ions have a huge impact on the body’s electrical circuit and immunity. Then there is the sea and all its juiciness of abundance of minerals, such as the the iodine and sea salts and most of all there are the sea codes.

The ancients often talked about the earth having a consciousness because it is a living frequency. And so the sea is revered as having this living consciousness. When you merge into the abyss of the of the sea you can experience this one-ness with this living entity, called nature. These rhythms and frequencies are referred to as circadian rhythms. You can experience this natural rhythm taking place with in you, and you may begin to notice your body clock going through a positive healthy and joyful natural recalibration. It can be likened to body electric power buttons being switched on, you become more robust, especially when swimming in the winter sea. It is like every cell in the body is activated.

You learn to tune in to what the body is telling you as you swim in the cold winter sea. Your body is like a tuning fork. You connect to the natural rhythms within and the surrounding natural circadian rhythms of the earth. It is important to distinguish when the body has had enough of the cold sea before reaching any unwanted effects.

As you emerge from the beautiful powerful sea you can experience a natural glow. When a human being becomes wired into these natural circadian rhythms, such as natural daylight, sea and wild water, and the pulsing earth frequencies it helps to create a healthier more balanced you, and you become whole once again.

It also becomes a memorable kind of ritual as you connect with other sea swimmers, and share the joy and laughter. The sea is a force to be reckoned with. It is indeed an experience that you do not wish to forget. 

People often exclaim the return of self discovery during their wild water immersions. There have been countless recorded benefits, from healing circulatory imbalances, to vast improvements in emotional health and many other general immune related health issues. The list is infinite.

Re- wild yourself


The four step body, mind experience

Sea swimmers share their thrill of the initial discomfort soon to be replaced with an feeling of a deep satisfaction.

Stage one is the initial cold water gasping process as you enter the magnificent sea, and breath work can make a huge difference to this initial stage.

Then there is step two as you merge with the sea and where the body can feel rather uncomfortable. This stage can be challenging to put into words, as there are all sorts of sensations going on. You may experience a type of burning sensation on the skin, or tingling, or cold patches or other strange sensations in the body. Most of them are powerful transformations of a kind. For example, Susan noticed the first time that she entered the cold winter sea she experienced a unique coldness at the base of her spine, and since then Susan has never felt more alive in her entire life swimming in the sea.

Stage three is when you notice the body becomes warmer whilst you are in the cold sea. This adaption becomes quicker over a period of time. It can also depend on how you feel on that day and the weather and the temperature of the water.

Stage four is when you emerge from the sea. You may notice a huge amount of energy or chi force moving around the body. For example you may notice the heart energy flowing with a swoosh type of energy. Or feelings of coldness in various parts of the body where energy is moving and where there may have been stagnant energy. After you get clothed you may shiver and feel like doing jumping jacks,( or jumping starfishes). This is the body’s intelligence and it’s way of moving any stagnant energy. You begin to feel so radiant and alive.

Swim gear

What to bring when you join us for a swim

Mat or something to stand on
Hot water flask/drink for after swim, this is important for warming the body up
Warm layered loose clothing
Dry Robe if you can, this can be made of towel material as this makes it easier to dress after swim
Bag for wet swimsuit
Flip flops or swim boots for stoney beach
Swim boots/shoes for colder weather, some people manage to stay in longer with these
Swim gloves for colder weather
Full wet suit or shorty in colder weather if you prefer
Hat, gloves and scarf for colder weather
The secret is to tune into your body and make sure you assist the body natural rhythms of returning to equilibrium